Modern Design

The Swimsuit Dryer is a compact powerful modern design with low running costs. It has a light weight lid operation to be even more user friendly for the elderly compared to other models Spin dryers. As safety is a priority for the Swimsuit Dryer Company. The Swimsuit Dryer features rounded corners with no sharp edges for greater safety in use, and a robust safety lid designed to resist slamming shut. Due to the rust resistant and durable plastic bodies with marbled, granite, metal and illuminous finishes help resist marks between cleaning.


Two Year Warranty on the Motor and Braking Components

We now offer a two year warranty on the above components on all new Swimsuit Dryers.

Please note other electrical components still carry a 12 month warranty.


Low Maintenance Required

The Swimsuit Dryer has been purposely designed to be a low cost low maintenance machine. It features a removable top ring to allow the facilities staff to easily and quickly clean the Swimsuit Dryer. This will help prolong the life of the machine. The Swimsuit Dryer has a high quality brake motor with replaceable brake disc. The innovative design has an easily cleanable case and internal drum, and comes with cleaning chemicals and equipment provided. Please watch our brief educational videos for instructions on how easy the Swimsuit Dryer is to maintain.


Simple Installation

The Swimsuit Dryer Simple’s to Installation can be installed in many location’s with ease. There are only 4 minimum requirements for the Swimsuit Dryer:

· Temperature must be below 40 Degrees Celsius.

· The Swimsuit Dryer must not be installed in a wet area, and at least 2-3 meters away from any wet or high humidity area.

· A wall structure that can support approximately 30 kg.

· Power and suitable drainage is required.

* All work must be carried out by a certified technician who comply to all regulations of the company and have fully read the user manual.


Equipment Supplied

Every New Swimsuit Dryer is supplied with free cleaning and maintenance equipment to help keep your Swimsuit Dryer in exceptional condition. Free equipment includes:


1 х Security Screw Driver          1 х Cleaning Brush          1 х 500ml Spray bottle Disinfectant Cleaner

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