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The Swimsuit Dryer Company strives to produce and manufacture a high quality, low maintenance product. Should a Swimsuit Dryer require a service or repair we offer a comprehensive and cost effective service  for the end user. During the warranty period E KONKORDS company will cover costs of repair and spare parts or replace the non-working unit.


Post-warranty service

The cost to service and repair your Swimsuit Dryer should it develop a fault outside of its warranty period is 200.00 EUR. This includes all electrical component replacements.

Also if reqiured:


Add 190.00 EUR for a new motor.

Add 30.00 EUR for a new packaging.

Add 110.00 EUR for a complete new outer case (any available colour).


* 12 month warranty is included on parts replaced.

** Please note, the above only apply to the possible repair of the equipment and not related to the cost of buying a new dryer.

*** We would kindly ask clients who wish to request a service or repair to read our Terms and conditions.

**** Please initially check the Motor Trip and RCD are reset before sending units in for service. The Motor Trip is a circuit breaker designed to prevent damage to the unit when heavy items are placed in the basket.


Technical Documents

Download technical documents for the Swimsuit Dryer:

·  Cleaning instructions.

·  Motor and RCD trip reset.

·  Installation instructions.

·  Sales terms & conditions.

·  Warranty Terms.

·  Repair and service warranty terms.

·  User manual.

·  Swimsuit Dryer cleaner COSHH.

·  Sales Brochure.

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